The Path to Joy

The Path to Joy

Imagine you’re walking down a path, when suddenly the path forks into two directions. To the left the path is dark, stormy and your only companion is Worry. If you choose this path, Worry will remind you the whole time of the frightening darkness around you, the deafening thunder overhead. He will constantly remind you of the current situation you’re in.

Looking to the right you see a path with a similar environment. It is still stormy and gray, rain is pouring down in blind sheets. However, standing at the start of the path is Jesus, holding an umbrella. If you choose this path the environment will stay the same, the storms will continue. You will probably still get wet, despite the umbrella. Also, you won’t reach your destination any sooner. Although, you will have a friend. You will laugh. You will smile. You will have long talks about everything and anything besides the weather around you, or the darkness surrounding you.

You will have Joy.

The choice seems simple right?

But when you go through inevitably tough times in your life, do you choose Worry, or Jesus? Do you choose to focus on the storms around you, your current situations, or do you look to Jesus? Do you choose to worry and fear or do you choose to laugh and enjoy? 

I’m guilty of choosing Worry. I think many of us are. Some things in our lives are going to challenge us. And even though God could change things and make our paths sunny and beautiful, sometimes He wants us to choose. Sometimes, He doesn’t want us to miss out on being closer to Him. 

No matter what our path looks like, He wants to walk it with us, hand in hand. 

We have a chance to choose Joy in every situation. To choose happiness and laughter. To choose Jesus.

Dear Father, help us to choose You over everything else, in every situation. Lord, let me see You in every storm and find joy in the darkness. Thank you God for never leaving me and for Your mercy and Grace. Amen.


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